Toolbar disappears on each time I start Rhino

Hi all,
Since some days, all my Rhino toolbars disappear from my second screen.
I must reconfigure all my settings on each time.
I use Rhino 5 SR5 and Flamingo nXt (which keeps his toolbar settings).
Does somebody want to help me ?

Many thanks in advance.



I wrote my topic too quickly :wink:
I found the answer by doing a deep search in the forum.
My apologizes for disturbing some of you.

Best regards,


Where did you find the answer you were looking for?

Hi Steve,

Here is the link to the answer :

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Good tip! We have scrambled & missing toolbars EVERY TIME Rhino is launched in our classroom environment. We currently had to tweak the UI file every time a new person logged in and launched Rhino… and that was a lot with 60 seats and multiple classes per day.

I’ll pass this fix along to the IT admins. Any other suggestions welcome…

Guys that’s a nice workaround but a solution, for me that created some other problems,

  1. my costume keystrokes I’v assigned to me mouse button, stopped responding,
  2. I cannot drag & drop files into rhino for opening or importing them… just trough, Menu - File - import etc…
    Is there a native solution for those disappearing menus ?

Hi Gil_K - you should not need to run as administrator more than once- after that start normally.


Tnx @pascal will do that.