Drop-down menus dissapeared

My drop-down menus dissapeared. I tried to reinstall Rhino 5 and they’re still missing. please help!

Hi Karl - if you mean the menus at the top of ther Rhino window, set the visibility in Options > Appearance; if you mean the toolbars with icons are gone, please run ToolbarReset and then close and re-open Rhino.

Any luck?


Yup, thanks, but from time to time some toolbars or menus are dissapearing for some reason. Weird anyway

Hi everyone! So in the midst of some testing on a script, my drop down toolbar disappeared. The appearance tab worked to a point (see image) but I’m still missing a bunch of drop downs such as Tools, Paneling Tools, T-Splines, etc…
This is the first time I am experiencing this issue. Any idea where I can find them?

Hi Tim - Ugh… If you have not, reboot… if that does not clear anything up, I guess I would repair the installation, from the Windows control panel.


Hey Pascal! Yes the reboot seemed to work! I first ran the suggested Toolbar Reset command, clicked back on appearance, and now restarted to find everything finally back in tact. I’ve been working on a different platform in CD’s and wasn’t using Rhino for awhile with plenty of restarts. I guess after running the Toolbar Reset then restart was the right 1 2 combo to snap things back into place. Cheers!