Tool Pallets and Floating Panels

Unexpected behavior in activating Tool Palettes (Window>Activate Tool Pallets)
I select a tool pallet in the list and it shows up and quickly disappears. I can make them show when I select Window>Show Active Tool Palettes. Unselecting one palettes from the menu hides all of them.

If I select a Floating Panel (Window> Floating Panels) it also hides all the tool palettes as well.

If I restart the app the Active tool pallets come up as hidden as well.

Tested version Rhino 6 SR22 2019-12-17 (Public Build, 6.22.19351.09342
This behavior is not present in the current WIP


Are the pallets suppose to disappear like this or is this just happening to me?

I was able to reproduce this issue, but not consistently. Once I reset my preferences, it went away.

I’m now attempting to figure out how I reproduced the issue (which set of steps). It’s not going well. I think I might see what is happening. Getting closer.

Got it! Logged here:

RH-56725 Floating Tool palettes Disappear.

I’m still investigating this.

Here’s my speculation right now: Show/Hide Tool Palettes is a command and the Hide tool palettes when starting commands preference is hiding the tool palettes while in the command to “show…hide…ummmm tool palettes…oh…riiiiight.”

@jason This is plenty to go on. Until we fix this, navigate to Preferences > Tool Palettes and uncheck Hide tool palettes when starting commands

@jason If I’m not mistaken, this bug is present in the RhinoWIP for V7. Now that major versions have separate version plists, this is likely a case of you having Hide tool palettes when starting commands enabled in V6 and disabled in V7.

Thanks for reporting this btw!

Thank you for taking a look at this. Much appreciated.