Disappearing Tool Palettes

In WIP 5.3, any tool palette I open disappears after selecting a tool and using it once. For example: I select a palette from Active Tool Palette’s Menu and it shows up on the screen. Once I select a tool, the tool palette disappears from view even though there is still a check next to it in the Active Tool Palette’s menu.

I first noticed this when trying to add notes in layout mode. If I select the drafting palette, then a tool, click, then no more palette. I have to open the palette again. Is this behavior to be expected or should the tool palette persist on the screen?

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Stephen James

That is a preference setting (Rhinoceros > Preferences > Tool Palettes), just untick the box if you do not want it to disappear:


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Thanks maxz

Thank you for sharing this info - I was going mad in searching for my tool palettes.