To add label on detail viewport programmatically C#

I would like to know how to add label with leader in the various detail views for a global point programmatically?
I am unable to get the equivalent location from the world system to the detail viewport / page viewport…
I have attached a test job file and the expected output.

When a button is clicked, a page view with detail views including the labels in the page view plane is needed.

A sample code to achieve this would be appreciated.

Also two other things:

  1. is there a way to label in a specific format (text within a circle attached to a leader).
    This is typically a text dot which is not filled.

  2. Is there a method to check if the labels overlap?
    TestLabel.3dm (51.3 KB)

Hi @HepChan,

You can from C++, but not from RhinoCommon. I’ve make a to-do item to provide this:

No there is not. But if you are adding leaders problematically I’m sure you can add a circle around the text. Is this sufficient?

No. But try comparing the bounding boxes of labels to see if they overlap.

– Dale

RH-39687 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thank you Brian for this fix.

Can you provide a sample code to use the fix.

When will the rhino version with the fix be available?

Hi @HepChan,

If you are using the Rhino WIP, then this sample command should work for you:

Note, this fix will not appear in Rhino 5.

– Dale

Thank you for this sample code.

I understand it is not available in Rhino 5.

when is the version with the fix intended to be released? this will help me to work accordingly.

For this, you will need to pay attention to the Serengeti category.

– Dale