Rhino 6 - Frame or circle around text in Leaders

What I am trying to get is a circle or frame around text in leaders in RHINO 6. I have many numbered leader callouts in detail drawings that need to be exported into Illustrator.

These are the options in AutoCAD that are available for what I am trying to do:

  1. The command Tcircle, which will essentially draw a circle, with a user defined offset around any text.

  2. Under QLeader settings, Frame text under MText Options allows a rectangular frame around the leader text.

What options are available in Rhino to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Hi @ramanagh,

Rhino 7 has this:


– Dale

Unfortunately, I have Rhino 6 which does not provide that option. I am looking for a solution in Rhino 6. Thank you.

Text Frame was added in V7.

I ended up using Illustrator functionality of adding a rectangular fill in the appearance menu and chose no fill and a thin stroke. I did that for all the callouts.
Painful. But, it worked.