Tips on how to make a fixture/mold from this

Hi Everyone. I’m trying to make a fixture for laser engraving a 3d part. I’ve tried taking the part and centering it on a solid then using boolean difference but it doesn’t really work because the edges are round and the part varies in Z so I can’t just cut it in half. I’m guessing there is a super simple way to eliminate all the Z overhangs but I can’t seem to figure it out. I can’t share the original part but I’ve made an example that is similar. All I need is the part to set into the rectangle kind of as if I dropped it into it and everything in the Z height got removed. Like I said it’s just a fixture for laser engraving. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks for the help. test design.3dm (642.8 KB)

Hello - use Silhouette in Top to get the parting curves.


Hi Pascal, Thanks for the tip. I did try that on the original file and I was having issues when I went to do the boolean difference. In this file, I believe I have a good model to subtract but it as well is having issues with boolean difference. I was hoping you could explain what I might be doing wrong. When I select boolean difference I first select the cube to subtract from and then the curve-shaped object but for some reason,test design2.3dm (695.3 KB) it’s giving me the intersecting objects. I’ll include the file if you wanted to take a look. Thanks!!

I’m looking for the cube to remain with the curved object subtracted from it.

Hello - am I correct that what you are after is something like this:


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Yes, that would work. It’s a fixture I plan to drop a finished part into then use the rectangular corner to orient it in a laser machine.

with the silhouette command you can use the Patch tool to make the partition surface:

then you can use it with BooleanSplit to make each block:

and finally you can sustract the object to each block