Hollow Dental Model having Fixture with RHINO

I am trying to hollow a dental model with fixture (needed for trim machine) as one entity by RHINO , I am not familiar with Rhino … Any one could help … i have tried Boolean function but no effectTM-1Lower.stl (10.0 MB) Y-R2138Lower7-h.stl (3.9 MB)

what is a trim machine? and how do you intend the hollowing and for what matter, if it is going to be 3d printed i believe the slicer adjustment would take care of that.

i need to make the 2 Stls similar ( hollow as one entity) like attached photo , it is not done during slicing

if there is another tool or software to get same result please advice

i assume you could use MeshBooleanUnion to create one single mesh. for the hollowing out steps i am afraid you would have to explain a bit more what exactly your intention is.

if you take a look at the model with fixture with name Y-R you will find that the fixture reserves behind Resin during printing and make solid part and sometimes it is really hard to crop from model itself
so i need to delete the intersection between the model and the fixture like STL name TM
i hope this is more clear for you

no photo attached. right now i am struggling to understand what you need.

is that what you need? if so you can use MeshBooleanDifference that will cut the orange part into the blue.

i did already but the orange part is not moved and the result is unexpected

if you are familiar with Rhino , could you try it please

i have no way of saying what is going on if you dont post a current rhino file

Hello - I am also not 100% clear on what the goal is, but if it is to use Boolean operations, the larger part, the blue on the in image above, needs to be cleaned up - it has some non-manifi\old edges (Check command) Is this what we’re shooting for?