I can't Boolean_differece | How to make open polysurface to close

I’m really new here

I’m designing a part of my design and I found a problem
I want to make a ring groove for my design

So I created a tube and will use it to subtract with the main piece

After I use the boolean_difference
It was nothing happen | It wasn’t telling it was failed but there’s nothing happened

Both are poly surface
But the main piece is open polysurface
The ring I want to subtract with is close poly surface

I don’t know what to do

Booleandifferent.3dm (2.1 MB)

Read output from command _What > 3d modell is invalid
Use command _ShowEdges > zoom in and see errors.
You need a clean 3d modell, especially for boolean operations

The red part has a lot of naked edges. This is not good. The whole thing should be rebuilt from scratch.

a few more tipps:
(1) _showEdges (as already mentioned: will help you to find the errors)
(2) place your object at x0y0z0 / world center.
(3) use shaded display-mode for modelling
(4) if your objects have a circular repetition - model only one element and then _arrayPolar to distribute them.

to learn rhino from scratch

but also the help-files give great input.

kind regards -tom

The very top of your curve has two control points close together (0.001 mm). This causes the main problem. As mentioned above it would be beneficial to build objects with axial or polar symmetry on the zero point. It makes modeling much quicker.

Thank you for your recommendation
I tried to rebuild it from scratch to avoid the naked edges and It’s working now!

Thank you

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