Create solid

first I drew line, then a circle, then did a 1 rail sweep. then cap planer holes, then extrude surface. now I want to make the red part and the purple part 1 part. i have tried Union, boolean 2 objects, and create solid. none of those work.
any suggestions?
test.3dm (1.5 MB)

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@David_L_Aery Could you save this as an R7 for those of us who have not make the switch?

what is your end intent? rendering? 3d print? data transfer to another cad system?

the problem is you are trying to intersect an object with the identical diameter

if you run the intersect command you can see the curve it creates is quite messy,

you can do two things,

make the extension part taper slightly so it’s slightly narrower than the main body,
or trim a hole in the main body and simply blend them together.

this version uses the trim and blend method, and is how I’d handle it for my own projects

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testR7.3dm (445.5 KB)

this is a model for a 3d print that will be used to make a mold cavity for a real hook to lay in the mold.
i want to be able to move, rotate this as 1 part so I don’t forget to select both parts when moving.
i guess i surprised that this is so difficult. i can do this in my other cad program but want to be able to do this in Rhino. it actually works for what i use it for, just unhandy for moving 2 parts.

if it’s for a 3d print, simply shrinkwrap it as is, with no trims or fussing with it and export the resulting mesh



fwiw- here are some in depth videos on what shrinkwrap can do-

@David_L_Aery Simple solution: Tighten the absolute tolerance to 0.00001. Then BooleanUnion.

thanks for the suggestions. I did find a way that worked for me,
i selected extrudesrf and that worked.