Timber material specification

I’m having some issues specifying a timber material within karamba as a part of my PhD. I should note that I am an architect not an engineer, so I may be missing something pretty basic.

The hardwood that I am using is a plantation timber that doesn’t have a specific grade as it isn’t intended for structural purposes currently. However, the material performance data can be gathered from a number of research papers and entered manually within a Material Properties component. I have converted the data from the research papers into the units required by Karamba (kN/cm2 and kN/cm3). The values in the panels to the left contain each of these values.

However, if I do a comparison with a MatSelect component with one of the predefined hardwood strength grades the values are all significantly higher. Looking at E (young’s modulus) for example, my value needs to be multiplied by 1,000,000 to be an equivalent figure. This is the same for all of the inputs as shown in the image below.

The is no data coming in from rhino at all (it is all in grasshopper). I have a karamba settings component active with the input length set to mm.

Is my method of inputting the data and then multiplying it to get a relatively equivalent set of figures correct? Or am I doing something completely wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

karamba timber material specification.gh (15.4 KB)

actually, I think I worked it out.
I changed all of my units to meters in the grasshopper definition and karamba and it seems to have shifted the scale of the forces as well.