Adding C24 wood as material


I’d like to add C24 wood into the material CSV file. However, I do not understand which properties in the CSV file correspond to which properties in the strength class table. Could someone help me out in giving it the right properties?

Then second, after changing properties, how should I save the CSV file? I cannot save it, since it is an ‘only-read’ file. How do I replace the old file with a new one?

Thanks in advance!

The materialproperties file:

The strength classes table:

Hi, if you update to the latest WIP version, you will find that C24 timber is already defined: Release Karamba3D 1.3.3_210426 · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

Hi Matthew,
Because of some license issues I cannot update to the latest WIP version. I’m wondering what the G_in-plane and G_transverse are exactly. I understand these are the shear moduli right?

So if the shear modulus of C24 timber is 0.69 kN/mm2, can the G_in-plane and G_transverse then be adjusted to 69 kN/cm2?

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Hi @wouter.schrama,
G_in-plane and G_transverse are the shear Modulus for in-plane and transverse shear (see here) when analyzing shells or plates. In case of beams only G_transvers is used.
– Clemens