Adding C24 wood as material


I’d like to add C24 wood into the material CSV file. However, I do not understand which properties in the CSV file correspond to which properties in the strength class table. Could someone help me out in giving it the right properties?

Then second, after changing properties, how should I save the CSV file? I cannot save it, since it is an ‘only-read’ file. How do I replace the old file with a new one?

Thanks in advance!

The materialproperties file:

The strength classes table:

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Hi, if you update to the latest WIP version, you will find that C24 timber is already defined: Release Karamba3D 1.3.3_210426 · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

Hi Matthew,
Because of some license issues I cannot update to the latest WIP version. I’m wondering what the G_in-plane and G_transverse are exactly. I understand these are the shear moduli right?

So if the shear modulus of C24 timber is 0.69 kN/mm2, can the G_in-plane and G_transverse then be adjusted to 69 kN/cm2?

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Hi @wouter.schrama,
G_in-plane and G_transverse are the shear Modulus for in-plane and transverse shear (see here) when analyzing shells or plates. In case of beams only G_transvers is used.
– Clemens

Hi Matthew,

I tried to do just that, now. I did not find the strength classes in the material selection component. Neither did I find another spot where it is.
Should it be under the Material Selector > Wood?

Hi, if you are creating your own material, then this is under the MaterialProperties component.

Hi Matthew,

sorry for being unspecific. I responded to your post mentioning that the C24 is available in Karamba now. I downloaded the version that you refered to , but did not find the C24 material. Is it still available, what could be the issue why I do not find it. I only have VH I through III available under the wood family.

Hi, it is listed here:

Thank you Matthew, after downloading the most recent version from your website, I now have the C strength classes available too. They were not yet included in the 1.3.3 that was referenced earlier in this post.
Glad that it is working now. Thank you and greetings from Delft!

Hi Matthew,

I would like to ask a two follow up question. I have now set up my model and use the Karamba material component to select the timber C strength grade.
1.When disassembling a Karamba material only tension and compression strengths can be retrieved. Yet for timber the bending strength is characteristic. I see that this bending strength is saved in the tension strength of the component. Is it supposed to be like this and does Karamba accurately determine defelctions and internal forces for beams with material timber considering this point?

2.I assume it is best if I program ULS verification checks by hand, because not all strength parameters are in the material. I would import all the various strength parameters from an excel sheet and comparing them with stresses that I computed on the base of internal forces that Karamba computes for me. Or are there any alternatives?

I hope my questions are clear, else please ask for clarification.

Hello @ChrisH2a,
ad 1.) currently (K3D V 2.2.0), for calculating the deflections only the material’s Young’s- and G-modulus are considered.
ad 2.) That would be a possibility. An alternative would be to use the GH plug-in ‘Beaver’ alongside Karamba3D.
– Clemens

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