Tiling of Large Scale Raster Printed PDFs

Hi @mary, as per our discusion [here][1] please find attached a PDF of a large scale grid. If you look closely at the grid it is disjointed in a tiled pattern. Like this:

PDFTestA0.pdf (808.3 KB)
[1]: Please fix vector/raster printing

Sorry there has been no reply to your post. Did you get this problem resolved?

Nope. As i don’t beleive there is anything i can do to fix it… That, i’m afraid, is up to you. :slight_smile:

If you click on the link to the other thread you will see where @Mary asked me to post this in a new thread… Ball’s in your court so to speak.

Hi Danny,
I am out of the office until June 16.
I will try to address this remotely when I am available, but it may be difficult.
Maybe @steve, @pascal or @jeff can take a look at it for you , me and @margaret

Please summarize, so we can make sure we are address the issue.
I see in the link you printing PDF and the grid is jagged.
Is this s PDF of technical display mode? Or not?
Is the grid the Rhino grid or lines? Do you have a model and a detailed procedure for reproducing this?

Sorry it feels like starting over.
But there are details missing here that may be included in the other thread that need to be extracted and posted to this record for simplicity.

Thanks for your help.

Mary Fugier

Steps to create the attached PDFs.

  1. Open Rhino 5.8
  2. Click Print
  3. Set Printer to Nitro (installed PDF printer)
  4. Set Paper Size to A3
  5. Set to Raster output (slow)
  6. Set Window for Print Area
  7. Display Grid
  8. Click Print
    RhinoGridPDFA3.pdf (413.6 KB)

Attached is the highlighted are of the this ones error.
RhinoGridPDFA3Nitro.pdf (417.9 KB)

I first noticed this when Beta Testing Rhino 4.0 when using Jaws PDF Creator. (I did report it back then but no action)

Since then I have changed operating systems and PDF Printers (Windows 7/Scansoft and Windows 8/Nitro) everyone has the same issue, slightly different but always a tiling issue.

I suspect the only way you will overcome this is to incorporate a Rhino Save as PDF functionality that you have direct control over.

This has always been the strangest thing and I can’t quite figure out exactly what the cause is.

Here’s what’s interesting that at least I can see on my screen:
1 - I open your PDF that you posted in the first post with the Adobe PDF viewer and can see the tiling offset
2 - I zoom to 150% and use the slider to look around at the picture; no offset!
3 - I zoom to 100% and can see the offset. As soon as I click in the PDF and select one of the tiles, poof the offset is gone.
4 - I print the PDF to paper; no offset.

Hi Steve,

I see that too!

I no longer have the Scansoft PDF Create software installed on this PC so I cannot make any more tests.

Further to the Nitro created one this is what it looks like in Nitro PDF 9 when you select all the Elements. You can see that the tiling starts to go wrong where I have highlighted it and doesn’t make any logical pattern there after.

Is there any plans/chance of a built in PDF facility in V6?

It is definitely an eventual goal for Rhino. We started on a built-in PDF writer, but quickly realized that we need to rework quite a bit of the display code first in order to get everything properly in place. So… for now the PDF writer is on hold until Jeff and I get the display code rewritten in some areas.