Raster PDf Colour Tiling Mismatch

I’m having an issue with all prints of pdfs from Rhino on our large format HP 1300 plotter. (Prints are okay on a smaller format Ricoh.) No one else in my office (working with other CAD packages) is having this problem.

Below is a screengrab of part of a pdf from rhino (via cutepdf, set to raster output) and a photograph of a plot from that pdf showing that the pdf’s image tiles (which are about 1-3/4"x1") print with one of two mismatched colour tones.

I’ve gone through troubleshooting with the printer tech, and it appears that something about the pdf file may be challenging the HP printer.

update: The problem is inconsistent. We have changed from a port to an ipaddress connection to that printer that may resolve the issue.