"Tick" byte

Fans of Amazon’s “The Tick” might recognize this from the pilot. I built it in Rhino. The VFX guys gussied it up for the SFX shots. We built a full scale section of it that we used for a location shot and we also 3D printed a version an actor used as an on-screen prop.



I also did this one, which had less screen time but did make the poster!


It’s really awesome to see Rhino being used in Films, even though I’m sure the main reason was for building the full scale production model as well as the 3D printed version.

Really great work! Love the end result too, turned out beautiful.


Thanks Ryan. I use it a lot for visualization too. Make2D is very helpful in going from model to actual.

I totally agree and am in the same boat, even though my field is completely different than yours. Almost everything I draw ends up getting made, then down the road clients want visualization shots or animations for web and print.

I’d love to see more of your work, it’s really cool.


Rhino has become fairly well ensconced in film art departments. It has become the tool of choice for many (most?) set designers with most of us using it for modeling and drawing (it is odd though that is for film, TV set designers are mostly Vectorworks, and art directors are Sketchup)

I had no idea! Great to know SamPage!

great stuff! thanks for sharing-

Yes. Those of us who know what’s what HATE that!

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Vectorworks has done a better job capturing the educational market.

Thanks Kyle. Your tutorials were very helpful to me on this project!