Rebel Moon

Trailer for Zack Snyders latest film coming to Netflix in December and April.

Sets, practical vehicles all designed in Rhino.

There was a full scale practical build of this ship on set. Full interior / exterior.


Missed this somehow. It looks rather surreal! Look forward to seeing more shots in film I can get it.

Premieres on Netflix in December. Not sure yet about a theatrical release.


looks epic, but now i am curious to watch it not only because of the story. will you be posting a few bits of you making offs at some point?

At some point I hope to. Its all dependent on what Im allowed to post. Since I used the Sub D tools a lot on the drop ship I think it would be good to put images up showing how I used it. I have some methods I used to create certain elements such as the flight deck chairs and the ext. hull. So once the film is out I will see what I can do.



Well you know you have made it as a designer when this happens. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Out of stock!

Its either due to poor estimate of how many would sell OR its due to immense popularity.

Ill go with popular. :wink:

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It’s quite a specific application really. I think it would have looked cleaner sold as just an openable item.
What happens if you prefer Skittles? Or M&Ms? This bowl is not for you.

I shall try to make it a Christmas viewing. :slight_smile:

Well I think they are going after the “movie going” customer with the hope that they will buy these and then go watch the film on Netflix.
But after it could be a cookie jar or any of the items you listed for more casual snacking.

woa congrats!! :rocket:

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Wow, this is what reaching the pinnacle of your career looks like, I guess!

Now what will you do? :slight_smile:

Im thinking of a line of sci fi bed pans. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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In general, do you collect figures, toys, models, etc. for reference (or personal pleasure)?

No ive never been a collector. I have a few bits and pieces of miniatures or props Ive worked on over the years but as for anything off the shelf, no. I tend to draw my reference from real life to give what ever I designed a more grounded feel.

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I watched part one just now. I quite liked the execution, waiting for part two.

It’ll be interesting to see what you can share about the dropships :slight_smile:

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Well what and when I can share will depend on how restrictive Netflix will be in the coming months. I can say that you wont see anything until after the second film is out.

In the mean time…

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the movie itself was 4/10. ^^

Yeah Id say thats a fair number . Sadly there was more to it than what we saw. I guess that will be in the R rated version? :roll_eyes:

Downside to working in Hollywood as a below the liner, no matter what we do we have no control over the end product.

As a friend said to me years ago…kick ball, cash check.


Small world. A lot of the gun props were also done in rhino.
“kick ball, cash check” i like this.