Pacific Rim Uprising Gypsy Avenger Con Pod Design

Concept model for the con pod set.



Super cool!! thanks for sharing these!!

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Thanks! Ill try to get some more up at some point.

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cool to see rhino being used in film work, only other designer I’ve read about utilizing rhino for prop/set design until stumbling on to your work is Greg Broadmore from Weta ( I imagine its used by others behind the scenes) I bought the District 19 concept art book many years ago and found he used rhino to design most of the weapon props. Looking forward to viewing more of your rhino work on here :+1:

Most art departments use Rhino on the bigger shows. Ive been using Rhino full time since version 2 when i was still working in miniature effects. Since ive transitioned to the art department its use has steadily increased to the point that most set designers are using it now.