Rhino for your screensaver!

I just ran across an excellent Rhino model on SketchFab that I thought everyone here should be aware of. Not modeled in Rhino3D but the rigged model in the browser window of SketchFab looks so good when put in full screen that I sort of use it as a screensaver when not at the computer. The very slight motion of the beast is unreal but I wish they had a ‘turntable’ mode like in Rhino3D. Just opening the model in V6 now but this screenshot is from the native SF browser display.

I have downloaded the zipped .glb file (rigged in Blender) from Sketch Fab and since I could not find direct import to R6, I just opened it in Win 10 Paint3D which let me save it as a .fbx file. That opened beautifully in R6 and displayed fine in render preview but I converted the materials into Thea mats and got this stunning result with a environment JPEG and the Rhino sun turned on and a shadow catcher ground plane.

Guess this might get me to take a fresh look at Blender but I have tried many times over the years and still find it the most baffling UI ever. If I can pose a rigged model though it might be work the effort. These were only 30 second renders in Thea interactive ray trace window directly in Rhino6. I was tempted to look at the BELLA render webpage today but I’m still really happy with Thea.

I gave this shot a full minute using the Presto Rhino window and it sure makes my old GTX 1070 looks good.

Original source
digitallife3d.org. Copyright University of Massachusetts.