Threshold for moving text to the side of a linear dimension - where is it set?

Working on a project with units set to Meters but want dimensions in mm.
Imported a dimension style (from a project set to mm).
Tried to change the project units, but the updating causes errors in VIsualArq objects.
So set dimension style’s unit to Millimeters.
After that change the text is placed to the side at one end of the dimension line if the length is less than 12000mm. (Before the units were converted to mm the threshold for this shift was 3M, perhaps a legacy from 3mm?)

I seem to recall the ability to display points and move the text, but can’t now. (Rhino 6SR5) Ed: Turns out it is possible: those points are just unselectable, in many cases, if the gumball is on Can’t explode them without making a big mess either…

Hello - I’d like to know more about this… what is happening? is the gumball getting in the way, (what is selected that generates a gumball?).


Thanks, but I can’t assess the gumball-related issue further. I am working with dimensions in VisualArq at the moment and there are anomalies relating to that which may be interfering with or causing this issue. (Dimension Shift With Detail Window Activation/Deactivation) (Those issues with History/Associativity and VIsualArq might benefit from your thoughts.)


1) Setting Text side-placement threshold I’d like to be able to set the threshold for when the text shifts over to the side of a dimension rather than displaying in the middle, so I don’t have to move the text around when it doesn’t fit, or after Rhino has moved it over.