Placing dimension number to the side of the dimension?

Again trying to use Rhino for drafting. Is there a way to place the dimension number where ever you want it while creating the dimension? e.g. when placing a vertical dimension I can chose putting the dimension number inside, above or below, but I cannot place to the side. pic 1 shows what I get, pic 2 what I want. Is there some key or command the frees the number to be placed where one wants?

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If you click on the dimension text you want to move, you should see this dot highlighted:

Drag it to the right and the dimension text will move to where you describe:


p.s. If you want to move a specified distance - so a series of dims line up, for example - then use the gumball to do the drag, so you can easily enter the distance.

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Thanks Jeremy, but what I meant was being able to do that while initially placing the dimension. In the attached gif, I’m able to choose above and below, but not to the side. Having to go back to laid in dimensions, select to get the dot, then drag is a lot of extra work. In AC, you click on the number itself and just drag. much easier than the precision needed for getting to the dot and making sure the gumball that comes up isn’t selected or all kinds of unwanted thing happen including breaking history. It seems holding down a key to free up placement would be good.


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Yeah Rhino has been bad at dimensioning since the beginning.

Unfortunately, the best way to deal with it is as @jeremy5 said

I use that very method 99% of the time.

And where you drag that point, isn’t even necessarily where the text will be. So, it’s all relative.

I plan on doing a project where I try to use grasshopper/kangaroo or something to experiment with potential parametric dimension testing.

I’ve been doing the same, but wondered if I was missing something. I’m about twice as fast modeling in Rhino, exporting to ACLT and dimensioning there, than I am modeling and drafting in Rhino. Many times even redrawing over the rhino exported curves. I get that it is a different method, but I can’t see me ever getting up to my usual drafting speed using Rhino.

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Yeah drafting in Rhino has always been frustrating for me. I’ve managed to figure out all the hurdles, but it only goes so far, cause there’s not really much to control.

Probably the most frustrating thing out of all the frustration, is the obligation to re-orient the cplane just for the sake of obtaining dimensions in the z-direction of a previous cplane orientation :sob:

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dont cry it will never change :grinning:

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