Three issues with Lights in Rhino 6 Renderer

Hello All:

I’ve noticed three issues with using the lights with Rhino 6’s default Renderer.

1.) When using the physical light objects from the Lights menu (such as the Spot Light and Rectangular Light), they create shadows on the ground and have a small effect on the model in the Raytraced viewport shading mode, but they have no visible effect on the model when you actually hit Render. Similarly, they have no effect at all in the Rendered viewport shading mode.

2.) When using Rendered viewport shading mode and experimenting with Backdrop and Lighting, I noticed that the Custom Environment for Skylighting works just fine on Rendered and Raytraced viewports, when you hit Render they don’t do anything.

3.) The Ambient Light option only seems to change the colour of the ground plane.

Are these problems anyone else is seeing?



In Rhino 6 the Raytraced viewport mode and he Rhino Render engine are completely different beasts. If you’re looking to get same results from Raytraced as from the Render command, then you should try Rhino WIP. In Rhino WIP the Rhino Render is driven by the same engine as the Raytraced view.

Raytraced (and Rhino WIP Rhino Render) doesn’t have a concept of Ambient Lighting as per that option. But skylight works for global illumination.

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