Rendering - Point light shadows


I was hoping for a bit of advice on rendering. I have a point light shining through some features, and i want to render the shadows nicely. However I cannot see the point light shining in the final render? Can anyone explain why this is, since I can see it in the ray traced view (which should be the same as the final render)?

Render window:

Ray Traced:

Rendered image

The file is here:
render example.3dm (6.1 MB)

Rhino Render in Rhino 6 uses a different rendering engine then Raytraced. If you want to get the same in Rhino 7 Raytraced and Rhino Render use the same engine.

Ah that is useful to know thanks! Am i not able to see the light if im rendering with default rhino 6 renderer then?

Not like Raytraced no.