Thoughts on modeling this spiraling architectural piece?

I’m trying to figure out a process for modeling this. None of my methods have worked well so far. Perhaps someone has done this in the past and can suggest a method. Quick and dirty is good enough.

Have a look at the Scrollwork tutorials from the Rhino Learn page:

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Thanks John. In my initial attempts I approached it like in the video using sweeps 1 & 2 . But the rail crvs are on the same plane and give a piece of the same height. The scroll in the architectural piece spirals up. Eventually. I tried moving curve points up (Z) in increments and sweeping 1. It gave a rough something along the lines of what I wanted, but it was guesswork. I was sure there’s a better way that experienced modelers would know.

EX_SCROLL.3dm (192.0 KB)

from the picture. these points should be at the same height.
to get a smooth end of the spiral.
then I would split edge a few times to make some sweep2

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I was planning to make a cylinder and trim/subtract after. However, I still can’t figure out how to make the ramping spiral top surface. The spiral is one curve.

This would take you about 20 minutes using SubD modeling.

I’ve done a couple of Kyle’s SubD tutorials, I’m not sure where to start. Perhaps a suggestion.

So played around with doing this in SubD. This is where I’m at. However, when I try to put a crease where there is one in the curve shape, I get all manner of weirdness.

EX_SCROLL.3dm (247.5 KB)

I wanted to say the same thing.

I think that the model you want to make with only a guide curve is not applicable with the swep1 command.

because the curve turns on itself, it creates an illusion as if there are two rails.

I made a temptation with the command to extrude to point.
here it is
scroll.3dm (82.0 KB)

here is the video,

if you want I can make another video that shows
how to build the whole model,
but I think it takes at least 3 to 4 stages to get to the goal.


this is the continuation of the first video

it took me a few minutes to finish the model


Lofting to a point is the ticket - well done!


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Wow! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I’ll have to slow down the video to see exactly which tools you use but, I’m certain I’ll be able to get it.

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