Decorative Sprial/Confusing Sweep

Hi All! I am having a heck of a time trying to model this decorative spiral sweep, I would greatly appreciate it if one of you could offer some advice!

I am trying to approximate the ornament on top of these columns, not exactly, but enough so that the general idea is there.

I have no problem creating the spiral and the profile curve.

However I cannot seem to get the geometry to taper down and terminate at the center point. This is as far as I can get:

Can anyone offer guidance here?

You could try adding a second curve with a tighter radius and use Sweep2.

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Thanks for the response! I did try that earlier and unfortunately was not able to achieve the desired result. This is the same spiral rail scaled to the midpoint of the profile curve. What I need for this model is for there to be no empty space between each turn.

@Charlie, This might help; it is called a Volute.

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You can fill that with another surface which is what’s happening in your reference photo.

Thank you, Fred! That should be enough for me to get this done. Cheers!