This naked edge really naked my mind T.T

how to trim this edge to repair naked edge ?

cant be solid

this mass polysurface still including several naked edges ,!XFs2mbLb
i cant save 40mb in forum , sorry,

if i try to download at your link, i get this:

Sorry today i am just starting use this mega , may be the key is XFs2mbLb , after “!”

I remember i dont add any descryption key …

how about this…!XFs2mbLb!Y7NI3hCR7lzq7_UAqMs7dC8uKhVtLGckFVN_9AzmR-Q
sorry… i am still at my ipad… not in my room

sorry , now i got it, the link for download with key is!XFs2mbLb!Y7NI3hCR7lzq7_UAqMs7dC8uKhVtLGckFVN_9AzmR-Q

not happening.
try Dropbox

here sir Jeff hammond


Lots of tiny extra surfaces there, bit o’ a mess. Seeing as your wires are only about .14mm diameter, I thought maybe the tolerance needed to be tightened. So I reset it from .001 to .0001, untrimed some parts, arrayed them and boolean unioned (tedious!). Wire cut and got a closed polysurface.