Any ideas on setting up slightly randomized 2d pattern of balls?

I would like to create a surface with a similar texture to the ring I have attached. Is there a way to create a pattern or slightly randomized balls and displace them over a 2 dimensional plane? Thanks for any ideas.

Do you have a grasshopper file to work with?

You basically say what needs to happen in Grasshopper. Make a 2dimensional plane surface and populate it with spheres with random diameter and move them in random z-directions.

I have just started the file, I am not sure how to move them in random directions though.

This what I have so far. Not sure how to do a random Cull so the locations look more natural. (6.6 KB)

I was able to get a random pattern for 1 row, but when I try to do it for the rows and the columns at the same time it only sorts out the rows. Is there a way to take both linear arrays and put them into 1 list of points instead of a list of a list of points? (13.4 KB)