This car was once more expensive than an apartment

This car could only be ridden by the very wealthy. This car was much more expensive than the AirPods. Years have passed and this car is no longer sold by Hyundai Motors. Sometimes I see this old car on the street. It’s sad that I can’t feel the greatness of my childhood.

Used Rhino NURBS, KeyShot, Maxwell Render


This is pure madness, and I mean that as a supreme compliment!!


Holy COW, @11150! That’s an INSANE amount of detail! Color me impressed :dizzy_face:

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the details inside the car fascinated me.
with dashboard lighting .wow

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Modeling a car was not easy because there were too many details. Still, there was a sense of accomplishment that overcame each one, and I was able to work happily. Thank you so much for looking at my work.

In the age of analog design, the craftsmanship of the people who actually built that car helped defeat laziness. I will try my best to make good results. thank you jakob ^^

Because it is an old car, there is no commercial 3d model, so we have no choice but to model it. ㅡ…ㅡ; Thanks Fares Boulamaali!

That’s dope @11150!
Out of curiosity how many hours did it take?