Porsche 944 S2


A couple of years ago almost bought one of these fantastic cars so now I decided to model it (it’s also fun and much cheaper ! )

All done in Rhino 6, including the render

Stay safe


Fugly car, but great model! :wink:

Thanks ! :slight_smile: With the gearbox at the rear these gems have a 50-50 weight distribution and they were considered one of the best handling cars in their time (1982-1991).

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Here goes another render that I actually prefer


Hi @rhinofan,

Nice model - always loved the 944s, especially the ones painted Guards Red.


– Dale

Fugly compared to what? For the market price it was a beast, the handling was light years away from a comparable mitsubishi or 10 year later toyotas that could beat it in acceleration but nothing else but still, it was and still is years ahead of most hot hatches and some coupes out there… nimble, power, classy… OK the 70ish design but still it kept it’s value IMOHO. The clutch was horrible, everything else was way ahead, even compared to the later year Sciroccos… Style wise, an Opel GT would still spank it :slight_smile:

Thanks Dale, we got to have one. They were inexpensive a decade or so ago, but prices went up with the craze over classic cars triggered by investors, not car enthusiasts. The bubble is bursting and things are getting back to normal.

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Haha, maybe! I took one, yes Guards Red, for a test drive back in 1986 after graduating from college and getting my first professional job. Absolute joy to drive - just couldn’t justify the cost.

– Dale

Yes Xavier, these are overlooked gems indeed, still superb performers today and built to last

There are actually plenty of them in Sweden alone:

Divide price by 10 to have value in Euros.
Sweden has very strict inspection (MOT) procedures. Once it pass the inspection you can be sure the car is in good condition.

im sure the 924’s seat styling had something to do with Grasshopper :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the tip, Piotr, The problem is that since 2012, importing “polluting” cars over here, (Portugal) is terribly expensive taxes wise, If you want a used Prius Plug In (great car too!) no problem thought !

Yes, fortunately there were other options hehe ! :slight_smile:

yes. AutoCAD 1.0 at the time :or Mac3D… rofl:

Here goes a view of the model in an early stage. Great care is needed in the layout of the initial curves to produce the major surfaces so that they are single span to avoid ondulations .

The surfaces joining the initial ones have G2 continuity with them. We have much less control over the shape of these smaller surfaces that Rhino creates, so the first ones (those single span) must be really OK
So that after the mirror there is G2 continuity between the two halves of the car, near the simmetry axis, the surfaces where matched with G1 continuity with temporary surfaces extruded from their edge

Early on the modelling process

rough wheels were created to get a feel of the overall model.
The windscreen and windows were created without much care, so their surface’s topology is not very good but they do their job


I recommend getting the Turbo, the S2’s engine was a bit more fragile. Check the motor mounts, often.

Thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile: