Thickness frame doors

It would be useful to able to define a thickness of frame door directly in control panel for each door (not in style door). Furthermore it very important to get the possibility to increase the value thickness to obtain a door escutcheon.

Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

You can already do that by defining this value numerically:

Door frame

I will add this feature to our to-do list and I will keep you updated about it.

Thank you @alfmelbev,
I know it is possible to increase the thickness value, but it is only for style door, instead it need to able to modify it for each single door istance.
In fact, if this is not possible, It is necessary to create as many styles as there are walls with different thicknesses to be able to design a escutcheon.

Thank you again

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Hi @fn_a, take a look at this door and window styles created as GH styles. You can import them with the vaStylesImport command.

Hinged door and window with handle and muntins.val (179.3 KB)

I’ve added a parameter to offset the door’s Frame depth, so when you set the Frame to “Adjust to the wall thickness” you can make it stand out from the wall.