Custom door with VisualARQ and Grasshopper

how can i get wall thickness by creating a custom door whith grasshopper and set frame width to wall thickness.

thanks all

Hi, I think this is not possible now, you must assign the width of a frame manually, but seems like a good idea though, right @fsalla ?

Hi @stefanhohenegger,

As has been pointed out, that’s not currently possible, but it will be possible in a future VisualARQ update.

Our plan is to include two different options to do what you want:

  1. Access from within the definition to the object being generated. Using Grasshopper Component, you’ll be able to decompose the door, get the host object (the wall), and then decompose the wall to get the thickness.

  2. From the Grasshopper style wizard, link a input parameter of the definition to any other parameter property, so using a string like (which as you may guess means: get the thickness of the host for this object).




I have made a Grasshopper definition of a window and turned it into a window-style. (Works great btw!)
I have been wondering if it will be possible to make irregular window openings? I don’t mean picking a boundary curve, which is already possible. But something like in the picture attached.

It’s a horizontal detail of a frame style from a sash window, the jump in exteriors and interior opening size is obvious. I was thinking of defining a volume (in Grasshopper) to substract from the wall.
The next picture shows a very quick sketch of an idea I had, but is not possible right now with native tools from VA.

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Hi @ME_Mark,

Unfortunately this is not possible yet. In a future update, our plan is to include an option to specify an object (brep) to be used to subtract the hole in the wall.


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Following up on this thread from a while back. I am trying to create a pocket door and would like to be able to subtract the internal pocket as a void from the host wall. Is this now possible?


Hi @arcus,

It is not possible yet to define a solid of subtraction. I will add your vote for this feature request.

Kind regards

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