Visualarq: Door with Architrave

Hi there - quick question about doors:

Is it possible to set an architrave for doors which sits on the outside of the wall, as part of a style which changes thickness according to the wall depth? In the image below there is just a basic door to which I have added the architrave (pink fill) - is this something I could achieve with Grasshopper?

I haven’t yet attempted to make a door style in grasshopper - (so I don’t know if a custom frame profile is even possible) but if it is, I imagine matching the wall depth would mean the architrave finishes flush with the wall instead of sitting on the surface.

Perhaps another component could be added to door styles called architrave?

Hi Ben,
We could add the “architrave” as a new component for the door object, but I don’t know when we will be able to implement it. The faster way is to create that kind of door with a GH style (if you want it to be parametric).

I’ve developed a definition for a simple Hinged door, which includes the architrave component (just from a rectangular profile), and also includes a handle.

You will see in the definition I use the formula %<>% inside the name of a “Number Slider”, in order to detect the thickness of the wall where the door will be inserted. If the door doesn’t detect any wall, it takes the value of that Number Slider, when required.

I also attach the door style in .val format, so you can insert it in the model with the vaStylesImport command. (Unzip it first) Hinged with (59.2 KB) Hinged Door with (49.7 KB)

That’s awesome, thank you! I’ll give it a try when I get the chance to do so.

Quick update - it’s exactly what I was looking for, so thank you.

One question though - the 2d/3d doesn’t seem to be functioning. I can see both elements at the same time in 3d and plan views. I note the same appears to be the case in your screenshot above. Is this just a drawback of using grasshopper styles or is it a bug?

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Hi Ben,
The 2D representation displayed in 3D and 2D is actually done on purpose in this example. You could assign it to the Plan view representation (inside the new GH Style wizard) but then, the rest of the geometry would not be visible in plan views. Then you would need an additional geometry output component to gather the rest of the door 2D representation (the frame, the leaf…).