There should be an option in 2d-drawing to enable "silhouete for this layer"


First time here. I thinke I had an easy idea to implement and very helpful for people who work with technical illustration.

If we could decide witch layer Rhino would create a separete sub-layer of silhouete curves in the 2d-drawing tool, that would be great. Rhino only create the silhouete layer for considering the whole body of the solid, but it would be great if we could decide that some layer “is” the “whole body”, so that Rhino creates a silhouete layer around this specific layer. Exemple: when I make 2d drawings of some mechanical objects I would activate the “silhoete tool” for bolts and nuts os that I can reinforce only the contours of it, keeping the inside curves thin.

Thank you. Let me know if you understand it and/or like it