There are no licenses for Rhinoceros 7 in your Rhino account


Just installed V7 WIP but this is the message I get

I have V5 and V6 installed and running on my Mac, but I didn’t receive any WIP serial when downloading the WIP. What should I do?


You need to tell V7 to get a license exactly the same way you did for V6.
This means if you setup V6 to be stand alone, then the V7 WIP has to be installed on the same computer. This is what you did.

If you had used a rhino account cloud zoo for V6, then it can be on a different computer.

Thanks @John_Brock for coming to the rescue, this is driving me crazy.
I’ve bought an upgrade to V6 today and after an hour of mail support with sales I was able to have V6 running. Then, I downloaded the WIP in the same computer I registered V6 and this is the message I get.

I thought I used the Cloud, but I might be wrong.
So what should I do? Do I have to click on add a license? when I click a windows opens asking for a license but I don’t have any V7 license, I didn’t receive any when I downloaded the WIP…

No, you used stand alone.
Your quickest option is in the V7 license page, enter the license key just like you did for V6.

If you want to use multiple computers, then remove the stand alone license, and add it to your login account.
This link has the tools to help you do that.

Thanks @John_Brock, I was able to follow your instructions and changed my license to the Cloud Zoo.
Timo to try the WIP!