Rhino 7 wip question?

Is it Rhino 7 wip = Rhino 6 lastest stable sr + Rhino 7 wip function?

So, I will only install Rhino 7 wip, no need to install rhino 6?

Thank you very much!

You need a Rhino V6 license to run the WIP. I do not know if V6 actually needs to be installed though.

Does the rhino 7 wip Compatible all Rhino v6 plug-in such as, vray, visualarq, bongo, Clayoo…?

It might be now but don’t count on that.
As soon as the SDK needs to be changed to support some new V7 thing, then any V6 plug-in will quit. That’s assuming the SDK hasn’t already changed.
The point is, if it does work now, DO NOT count on it continuing to work.