Lost my Rhino 7 WIP trial license. Do I purchase V6?

Looks like my trial finally ran out (assuming it was ~60 days?)

I’m really hoping to stick with V7 and not V6 but I don’t see any option to purchase an advance license of V7. Knowing this is the version I’ll ultimately want, what is the right option here? Do I purchase V6 and it’ll simply work with V7 WIP and the eventual release? Or will I be stuck on V6 when V7 fully launches?

? There’s no way to get the WIP without owning Rhino 6.

At some time after V7 is released the WIP version will cease to work. Then if you have a V6 license you will need to upgrade to V7 to continue to use V7. At least that is how the V5 to V6 transition worked.

? I’m not sure what to tell you, but I had downloaded Rhino 7 WIP (on my PC) and an Rhino 6 Mac evaluation around the same time from McNeel. I’ve been using both for well over a month.

If you look up the email account on my handle, it’s the same I used for whatever trial license I was presumably on.

You should not have been about to use the V7 WIP.
It requires a permanent V6 license and you don’t own one.
I can’t explain it.
The WIP development builds are only open to people that own a permanent paid license for the current released version.
You were just lucky for a while it seems.
It looks like your eval just expired.

Weird indeed!

Checking my email, it looks like I originally started with Rhino 6 Mac Evaluation:

Welcome to Rhino 6 for Mac Evaluation. Here’s how to get started:

1. If Rhino 5 is installed, open Applications and rename Rhinoceros.app to Rhino 5.app
2. Download Rhino 6 for Mac Evaluation.
3. Install Rhino 6 for Mac Evaluation
4. When prompted, enter your license code:
REDACTED-UARH-0V90-1502-2HBL-8VAR (Expires 04 Aug 2020)

Your evaluation period started on 06 May 2020, the day you first downloaded Rhino 6 for Mac Evaluation, and expires on 04 Aug 2020 . After that date, Rhino 6 for Mac Evaluation will continue to function normally, except you will not be able to save your work.

So somehow I suppose that Rhino 6 evaluation also allowed me to download Rhino 7 WIP for PC.

Well either way, it was definitely the best trial experience ever! So my answer is purchase V6 now, keep using V7 WIP, but then pay for the upgrade when fully released. Thanks.