The worst downgrade in Rhino 8 compared to Rhino 7

In Rhino 7, you can click on any icon, expand its cascading toolbar(s) and activate any tool located there upon releasing of the left mouse button. You can even do that on multiple cascading toolbars, all with a single mouse click!

In Rhino 8, you are forced to click and hold the left mouse button on a main icon, then quickly release it in order to expand its cascading toоllbar. Then, you have to release the mouse button, hover the mouse pointer over the desired icon and them click the mouse button again.

Rhino 8 “punishes you” if you try to hold the left mouse button on a main icon and then drag it over the desired icon located in a cascading toolbar. This is contrary to the perfect way of expanding toolbars in Rhino 7.

Yep, got that, thanks.

RH-79393 Flyout button behavior


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This is a bug that is actively being worked on and is high priority. Hopefully we will have a fix soon.


The first report is from March, there may have been earlier reports.
Release target was 9.0, which is the opposite of high priority.
Good that things are different now.

Why is the issue is considered important now, but not 8-9 months ago?
What is the reason?

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I didn’t catch this and am sorry about that. I suspect we will have a fix within two weeks.


I will gladly test the fix when it’s released. I think that this particular bug is crucial to many long-time users of Rhino who were happy from the UI of Rhino 7 and got used to the convenience it offers. :slight_smile: