Less clicks wanted; proposal


Rhino has a fine toolbar system.
A button with a triangle leads to more commands.

We have to click and hold a triangle button to come to the underlying toolbar.
Or click the tiny rectangle.

It could be more comfy and accessible.
Sometimes I (have to) use Xara, which also has the triangle system.
I only need to hover the mouse over such a button, and the toolbar pops out automatically.
A very good system I would like to see in Rhino as well…

The auto-pop doesn’t harm, the top button is still clickable.

What do you think?

A complete UI overhaul of Rhino would be a much welcomed move
A complete UI overhaul of Rhino would be a much welcomed move

Usually these buttons with triangles don’t have right-command and right-click acts as if you’ve clicked the triangle

You can also hold the left click to do the same



I know, see above.
But I don’t want to click at all to get the underlying toolbar.


Yeah, I understand your point.

This is why I said usually :slight_smile:

What I’m doing is dragging that popup into an actual toolbar if I need these commands very often.




(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Charles - this seems plausible to me except for one thing, which is that the cascading toolbar in Xara replaces the tooltip and I think that tooltip is valuable, maybe indispensable, in Rhino. I’m not sure how to get both.



Yes, the tooltip is very important.

Xara could easily show a tooltip for the triangle button, but it doesn’t.
When a toolbar is popped out, and you move over the triangle button, you can see that it is detected.
A tooltip would be easily possible.
Also the ‘move MRU to top’ is only a source for confusion, no good.
And an adjustable delay before the auto-pop is not there.

I don’t want to focus on Xara.
My proposal is not to copy Xara, it was only easy to explain with this example.

I think this auto-pop would make it much easier to find commands.
And less clicks are always welcome.


+1. The tooltip could show above or below the flyout toolbar.

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Hi Jarek - Yeah - that would be the ideal but I am thinking/guessing that the Windows mechanism may not allow two different things to pop out - probably we’d need to figure out a way to combine them - but I don’t know and I’ll let the typists sort that out.


Plus, it has to work with three-row tooltip :wink:


Of course it doesn’t show a tooltip when you hover over the triangle.
Why would you need a tooltip to tell you what happens if you click on the triangle when they have already eliminated the need to click on the triangle?


Very true.


Effective tool-tips would be helpful, as would command options appearing next to the cursor position, mimicing the operability of the ones also showing at the command line.