Rhino icon submenu


Just a simple question. I selected the line icon and linked a toolbar for it to collect all of the commands for 2D editing.

The problem is when I click on the icon the submenu/toolbar appears and shows all of other icons but now I cannot use the righ/left click on the original icon.
The factory settings meanwhile allows me to use the icon and provides a grey triangle in the bottom right corner dedicated to open the toolbar. Now I have the grey triangle but meanless because the toolbar opens when I click on the icon.

It would be a great help to solve this question.

Hello- if a button cascades a toolbar on left click, that would mean there is no command in that top level button- if you edit it (Shift-Right click) is there a command string in the left hand panel? If you are dealing with the regular Default toolbars, you can reset to the defaults using ToolbarReset. Restart Rhino and then in Options > Toolbar use the File menu > SaveAs to save the default under a new name to protect it from ToolbarReset in the future if you want to customize it.


Hi pascal, thanks for the answer. It works how you said however I reinstalled the software and regkey (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros) , clicked to Default settings everywhere but no difference. Both RS.12 win 8.1. While splash screen is active and suddenly click onto the icon it works for 1sec.

Hmmm- I am not sure what to make of your comments - did you run ToolBarReset, and restart Rhino, and if so, did the resulting toolbars looks correct?


Hi pascal, Everything looks correct but the functionality of the submenus. When I click ontho the icon the linked toolbar pops up instead run the command. Everything is on default now. However it can be a windows update problem too.

Hi onrender - are you clicking the middle of the button? I only ask because clicking the little triangle in the corner will cascade the nested toolbar.


Hi pascal, When I click on the middle of the button the cascade menu also pops up.