Problem with submenu

Hello everybody,

I have a small problem with the toolbars. When I left click on icon which has a sub-menu type line, cube, etc … that is to say, the vast majority of icons and this one systematically opens the submenu. In short it happens the same thing when I make a left click or a right click on an icon. Can someone please help me?

PS : I use Rhino 5, and I’m french sorry for my english.

Thanks in advance.

Hello - do you mean that no command runs, only the cascading toolbars?

But, if there is a command assigned to the top level button, which is the usual, then click-and-release on the button will run the command, and click-and -hold will cascade the toolbars. Does that make sense with what you are seeing?


Hello, thank you for your response.

Yes I understand what you mean. In fact no matter how I click, it always opens the cascade while in the tutorials that I made a left click throws the command of the main icon or me it opens the cascade and it is not very convenient. I do not have the possibility to directly launch the command of the main icon. For example if I want to make a cube, I click on the cube icon that opens the cascade so I click on the cube icon ( in the cascade menu) to finally click on the cube icon that starts the command.

Cordially. Killian.

Hi Killian - can you make sure that your toolbar buttons actually have commands at the top level button? (Shift-Right click on the button - you should see something like this:

not blank.


I actually watched, I have exactly the same thing as your picture

Thanks for your help Pascal.

Hi Killian - just as a test, do you have another mouse available to try?


I already tried to change the mouse. And then what I do not understand is on other software I do not have that kind of problem


Hi KIllian - in Options > Toolbar, there is a setting for ‘Cascade delay’, perhaps that is set to zero or a very low number? (number is in milliseconds)


Already tried…
I think I have the same problem as this person : Rhino icon submenu
Maybe it’s a windows problem.

Thanks Pascal.

Hi Killian - what is the screen resolution on your display? And is Windows set to show the screen at 100% or some other scale?


I have a 27" 1920x1080. Windows display is 100%.
You think the problem could come from the screen?


Hi Killian - no… that seems perfectly reasonable. I am at a loss…

@JohnM - do you have an idea? As I understand it, all of Killian’s cascading toolbar buttons at the top level only cascade and never run the command. As if the ‘hot’ triangle covers the whole button…


Never mind. Thank you very much for your help Pascal.