The workspace doesn't work when the renderer is open?

I found 1 thing quite inconvenient.
In sketchup, I can easily open the “Enscape Material Editor” in “Start Enscape” at the same time in the Sketchup interface. I can easily work with it without any problems.

And in Rhino when I open “Start Enscape” and then open “Enscape Material Editor”. Then hand over to Rhino’s working interface. I can’t get it to work without turning off “Enscape Material Editor”. This is very annoying.

Sounds to me like you need to contact the Enscape developer.

I contacted the developer of Enscape.
They said, this problem will be solved by Rhino developers.

To be honest I don’t know how Enscape works. But to me it sounds that Enscape plug-in itself is blocking something if you are not able to work with Rhino after opening their material editor.

That is, I am assuming you mean that you can’t click in the Rhino interface while the Enscape material editor is open. When that is closed and you can use Rhino interface again it is still a problem caused by the Enscape plug-in. Without further info from them I don’t know how we could solve this.