Enscape doesn't work properly when using RIR

Hi all,
Does anyone experience the same issue – When you are using Rhino.Inside.Revit, the Enscape functions are grey out. You can not do anything on Enscape except orbit the render view…
Every time when I want to render something, I have to restart the Revit and it will take me about 20 minutes to restart it…
I wonder if there is a work around to avoid this issue? Seems it is not possible to truly close RIR. RIR and Enscape are both the most frequent use plug-ins for my daily work,I have to keep restarting Revit to make sure I can use both plug-in and it waste a lot of my time…

Hi Jack, Is Enscape running in Rhino as well? The Enscape conflict is a known issue and will need to be addressed by Chaos group.

Hi Japhy, the Enscape is running in Revit, once I have both Enscape and RIR running in Revit, it would have this issue.

I don’t have access to Enscape, but do you have Rnscape plugin for Rhino loaded as well? this makes things a bit interesting Like Enscape inside Rhino that is inside Revit Running Enscape too?

It looks cool but loading Enscape multiple Times like this makes Rhino.inside revit crashes so I have to disable Enscape in Revit before using RIR

Hi tay,
I have instal Enscape in Rhino but I haven’t load the Enscape with Rhino when I am using Revit and RIR.
I just load the Enscape in Revit…
But you raised an interesting thing I haven’t about before – Maybe that’s why those software get confused and behave a bit haywire

So did you disable that pluging before starting rhino I side?

How to disable the Enscape for rhino?

In the plugins> plugins the didn’t ship with Rhino. Uncheck escape، restart Rhino and Give it a try

Is it what you mean? I try, I found that if I uncheck the Enscape plug-in in Rhino, I won’t be able to launch Enscape in Revit…

Can you click on the Revit UI? Probably requires focus on Revit.

Oh, I see, it works now. thanks tay!! :star_struck:

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