The Squircle

Several years ago one of the postings here contained a GH script that introduced me to the Squircle. It was described as a cross between a square and a circle, which was the case. I thought a squircle would be an interesting way of shaping a 3D print, so I made a cluster from the script and used it to make Loft surface control curves for some 3D printed objects.

It didn’t take me long to realize I could use curves other than circles as the basis for a squircle. In particular I found that ellipses and polygons work perfectly well. So with that change I was able to make more interesting designs. Here are 4 examples:

Recently I decided to take a look at the contents of the squircle cluster. I soon realized it could be much simpler than it was, so I tweaked it a fair amount and reduced the number of components by more than half. The result, along with the polygon and circle component for easy comparison, are in the attached GH file.

You might task “What about the Tween function? Can’t that do the same thing?” No is the answer, and I’ve putt a Tween component in the attached file as well.

Happy squircling! (10.1 KB)