Lofting from an extrusion

New to grasshopper and was having troubling with the loft command, ive created a grid with point attractors with a standard hex grid and a circle grid with a tween inbetween them. Basically what im trying to do it i want to loft the edges of the hex grid to th edges of the tween grid, then loft the edges of the tweened grid to the edges of the circle grid. Not sure if loft is the right gh command, but any help is appreciated.

Ive attatched the gh file and a photo of my scrip (15.3 KB)


I don’t know if this is what you want? (14.0 KB)

I was wondering why you extruded the base curves?
If you just move them up, you will get the base curves which you can loft.

I replaced all the “extrude” components with “move” components. After that I grafted the moved curves; that’s to create individual lists so grasshopper sees each curve on its own. After that it’s only a matter of connecting the curves in the right order in the “loft” component!

Ah yes, this is pretty much what i needed, thank you very much for the quick response, appreciate the help!!! :slight_smile:

If you need more help, let me know!

What is it exactly that you wanted? (you can still make the extrusion of the base curves btw!

Yeah this is perfect, sorry to ask again but i now have to map this 3d grid pattern onto this mesh in gh, (attached rhino file), what would be the best way to go about this, what commands would you recommend or suggest how to do it

PRECEDENT.3dm (236.0 KB)

If you have a surface (loft instead of a mesh), you could use the definition in the image.

Otherwise I’m not sure at this moment. Not really experienced with mapping objects onto an open mesh.

Ive given it a go but unfortunately doesnt seem like its working, thanks for the help anyways ill keep trying and then ill make another separate post for the mapping question if i cant get it to work