Uneven surface on sphere (Map to Surface?)

Hi all, I’m new to Rhino & gh and want to create a sphere with an uneven surface with gh. I think of using Map to Surface: first building an uneven surface from a plane, and then project the uneven surface onto the sphere. Now it only projects along half an axis of the sphere.

I tried other ways e.g. changing the curve / source of Map to Surface, directly building a sphere and making its surface uneven directly, but the method above is already the closest I could get (with my newbie’s sense).

If I have underestimated the difficulty of this, please bear with me. Any methods, leads or suggestions are welcome, thank you!

land.gh (12.1 KB)

You must internalize your source geometry before upload a file here, since Srf param is referencing your local 3dm file, we can not use that geometry.

Instead of map the surface, you could subdivide the sphere in points and move those as in the source surface and reconstruct the shape.

Map Srf is to map curves from one surface to another.

If you want map from one surface to another any geometry, try with Sporph component.

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Thank you, Dani_Abalde, for the reminder and suggestions! While I am trying your suggestions, here is the gh file with the param internalised.

land.gh (14.4 KB)

Thank you, Dani_Abalde! Smorph is all I need to explore now!

This could be another way.

land_re.gh (18.3 KB)

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Thank you, HS_Kim, for always helping! It will take some time for me to get what this is doing but the result is definitely what I want!

fyi I ended up with this trying Sporph. Everything is great except the open poles… :sweat_smile:

land_2.gh (15.6 KB)