The pool of my dreams - GH curve subdivision

Hi all,
I am writing a GH script for drawing pools edges. At first I tought it would have been a simple curve subdivision excercise, but, when encountering some industrial fabrication requirements, the task is far from being simple.
The main issue is keeping intact the corner tiles, so that they will always have the longest lenght possible, to do so, I divided between convex and concave corners, however, I couldn’t find the way to obtain what I want, thit is the nearest I came to the goal.

This is the result I would like to achieve:

Every type of tile has the same dimensions, and there are the fewest possible cut tiles.

Is there any suggestion?

PS: except from one ARMy Ant component, I am trying to use only vanilla.

Swimmingpool borders (78.4 KB)

I don’t have time right now to mock up an example but you should be able to ‘shatter’ the imput curves, shrink them by a set length at each end (by a full tile) and then fill the remaining space however you wish (even tile divisions, or as few as possible cuts).

Hey Patt,
than you for the answer, but I am not sure that I am getting what you mean…
How would this method work with corner tiles?