Mesh edges subdivision from defined curves

Good afternoon,

Given a mesh, how would you go about panelling it based on planar curves? I mean, how could I get from this:

a mesh based on the following curves and parallel to them:


I’ve searched through topics like this:

but can’t get exactly what I intend to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Post geometry.
Also I don’t understand. You want to cut the mesh with these curves?

What is this? Will it be fabricated and from what material.

What means this? Anyway If you mean: get all Mesh Faces that have edges that are parallel (Note: within tolerance) to 3 or 4 directions (case tri or quad mesh faces) see attached.

Mesh_EdgeDirectionFilter_V1.3dm (285.0 KB) (123.4 KB)

Thank you both for your answers.

I’m performing a structural analysis of a free form glass roof and want to draw the geometry in Grasshopper. The curves I drew are the ones parallel to the ones the architect drew in the first place: I want to be able to define the mesh edges’ direction:

If you decide to post the geometry I can help you asap.

What do you want at the end? Planar quad panels so glass tiles can be put on top of it?
If so bare in mind there won´t be all absolutelly the same. Maybe several groups of similar glass tiles.

Try the plug-in Smart Form

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Can you still get the license for Smart Form? I never get an answer when I email a request for a new license and it’s a bit annoying whn you open an old definition and the Smart Form plugin says it needs updating!

All you have to do is go to Food4Rhino, download the latest version. Unblock the files and replace the old ones with the new ones and you are good to go.

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In any case, I suggest it as a quick option to see if something like this is needed.

Thank you very much, David. The thing is I can’t post the real geometry (I’m not the one in charge hehe). The target is to get triangular panels (that are obviously planar) that are as similar as possible. I’ll have a look at this SmartForm plug-in, as you say. Thank you again!

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Best option will be doing it with Kangaroo, but I forgot how exactly you can do just that.

That’s actually the first thing I did, and then subdivided the resulting surface using Wb. See attached definition. I’ll start now playing with SmartForm… let’s see what I can get

Dach (12.7 KB)

This is the older version of Kangaroo?

Try this? (15.8 KB)

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It actually should be Kangaroo2, although I have both versions installed… maybe there’s a newer version though.

Thanks for your definition! I tried it and it works pretty good, but it actually aligns the diagonals in the closest direction to the curve’s own direction. What I aim to do is define the mesh edges’ direction. I tried SmartForm by the way and can’t find an option for that

I think you won’t have much issue finding a work around that. However if you are to fabricate that, donno how many types of pannels you have to create. I’d group them in families within some permisable tollerances and then fabricate X pannels of type 1, Y pannels of type 2, etc… Then make damn sure the structure is watertight :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sure, I know it’s not possible to have equal panels, but at least I’d have liked to have the correct grid.

Thank you so much anyway, David!

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