Paneling double curved surface (roof tiles)

I am trying to create a double curved surface as a roof and generate/place roof tiles from a certain size on the surface with overlap. But i think the first step is to create a grid and a panel.

I would like to create a roof like this:

I tried doing this with Lunchbox, but i cant seem to get the elements(tiles) the same size. (U and V)
How can i do this, or what is the best way?

The next step would be something like this:


This is a part of the roof:
roof part test.3dm (39.9 KB)

Use Paneling tools (16.1 KB)

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Hi Seghierkhaled,

Thank you so much for your reply!
I tried your script, but I dont think it is working properly. I used the loft as a surface.
I want the panels to stay the same size (like real roof tiles) but that is not working. Am I doing something wrong?

roof teste (12.8 KB)


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Even in real roof you can’t use large tiles with the same shape on curved surface

It is generally not possible to divide a double curved surface into panels with exactly the same size and shape. That’s due to geometry, not any software limitations. There are a few exceptions for special geometry.

yes I get that ofcourse, but is it possible to set like a boundary or domain that the size can differ between?
Or make like a couple of different types of panels and generate them over the surface?

With a “heat map” you can keep an eye on the curvature to make or keep the tiles as similar as possible.

There’s a commercial plugin on which helps doing that kind of work (I have not used it myself though, I have only seen some demo clips).

They have three tools dealing with developable surfaces.

// Rolf

Hi Mari,

What size do you want the tiles to be?


This is an idea need development
-from the edges create tween curves with distance equal the width of the tile
-using method of @DanielPiker to create equal segments
-now extrusion of the segments following the curvature of the surface ( i tried that but i don’t find a way to find the right vectors) ; create vectors from the center

  • the result must be equal tiles and of course there are rotations and spaces between them in V direction
    if you find the right vectors you solve the problem

roof teste (35.0 KB)

Awesome thanks! I will give that a try!

Check this (34.0 KB)

Thanks! but i cant seem to be able to download the script?

Problem in the forum

Hi Seghier,

Is it possible to modify this script to create a tiled dome pattern as shown on the copper dome image below? I’m looking to have the tiles"overlap" as oppose to having the valley’s in between the tiles.



This is different thing
You can use Paneling tools and you will find other threads in the forum about what you need

Share your file i will try with Paneling tools


The dome was made in grasshopper. I’m looking to keep the same tile layout and proportion.

Best, Phillip

dome_ (20.4 KB)
dome_tile.3dm (147.3 KB)

I don’t know why paneling tools don’t work properly ; i use lunchbox but the only problem is the triangle faces on the sim curve
you can find solution for that and i am sure there are other solutions in the forums about this pattern
in the defintion you can use flat tiles or use lunchbox surfaces

dome_ (22.2 KB)

@seghierkhaled which part didn’t work for you using PanelingTools? I’m curious to see where you got a problem. Here is a similar problem solved using PT in Rhino.