Closed surface loop - equal subdivision


what I found in the forum so far has worked on regular surfaces but not on a closed loop surface.
The divide and subsurface commands separate the loop unevenly. I’ld like to make even tiles across the extruded curve. I’ld appreciate it if anyone could help!

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Even (29.8 KB)
Evenly tiling.3dm (125.4 KB)

Best solution for this would be to work in 2D with lines, converting your base curve to a polyline (evenly subdivided) and “going 3d” after that.
If you still want to go with surface first, usually you would rebuild your base curve with a high point count so the subdivision will be even.
In your case I did divide by count + interpolate instead of rebuild.
Even (27.1 KB)

Your base curve is… not ok … something fishy is happening inside your filletting cluster, that’s why I’ve avoided using rebuild.
Even the subsequent steps are strangely slower than one would expect…

Note to McNeel staff:
Curve output from OP cluster and the subsequent offset are impossible to rebuild, both Rhino or GH would instantly crash if made an attempt to rebuild.
Rhino 6.13.19031.5531, 31/01/2019
GH 1.0.0007

Reuploading OP attachments to avoid its loss… just in case.
Evenly tiling.3dm (125.4 KB)
Even (29.8 KB)

Since you are on 6.13 what you seeing on rebuild might be related to this:

Thanks a lot. The interpolation works fine. I decided to use only one radius for the polyline again - makes it more smooth.

I’m not sure why the number of vertices in the interpolation interacts with the offsetted polylines all the way in the end, resulting in some offsets of the tiling being left out. But it works fine with the correct number of segments in the interpolation for now… So thanks again!