Geometry not working in shapediver

I have a certain geometry that shows completely fine on Rhino and grasshopper, but doesn’t show at all on shapediver and I don’t know if any of the modules I’ve used are unsupported or something.

Mainly this part: (323.4 KB)

Well that was an interesting exploration of backwards compatibility in Rhino 6 :wink:

The problem is that your model is built in Rhino 5 while our servers run on Rhino 6. In 99% of cases (so far), this is not an issue. However, we find incompatibilities now and then. The bad news is that your model presents one of them. The good news is that it’s very easy to fix.

You are using several “Multiplication” components with a text panel as input. Most of your text panels do not only contain a number, but also a line break after said number. Now that works fine in Rhino 5, but not when one opens the model in Rhino 6, as you can see below:

Interestingly, the new Multiplication components from Rhino 6 don’t seem to be bothered by this particular case, but the deprecated Rhino 5 multiplication components in Rhino 6 apparently refuse to parse the strings and remove those darn line breaks.

Anyways, sorry for the unnecessarily long explanation…

TLDR; If you stick to Rhino 5, the easiest fix is to make sure those line breaks are cleaned up, which I did for you because I found it to be oddly satisfying. (322.3 KB)


Thank You! Glad my problems could have a use for troubleshooting haha. For now I’ll be sticking with rhino 5 so I’ll be watching out for those text panels… Any more backwards compatibility I should be keeping an eye on?

Good question. We have only stumbled on a couple so far, I filed a request for one:

This problem with the Shatter component is likely one out of several discrepancies of similar nature.

I’ll make sure to keep track of them and mention them somewhere here or in the documentation.