The difference between, Snap and Osnap

I’m trying to set up an iPad app to send keyboard shortcuts to Rhino. The most frequently used will be for selecting the Snap modes. What I would like to be able to do is, a single tap on the iPad button cancels all Snaps, then sets the one for that button. Double tap on the iPad button just adds the selected Snap to what was already selected. In Commands I found the option of “OSnap Clear persistent object snaps” I assigned it a short cut, but it failed to work, I believe because the script (I’m no expert) has a missing space, this is how it appears, '_Snap _None_Enter. But even after I placed a space after _None, it did not clear the selected OSnaps, but instead closed the OSnap panel and toggled the grid snap. My Guess is that I just don’t understand something. I certainly don’t understand the difference between the two types of snaps (I’ve tried reading posts, but have been left none the wiser)

I’ve not needed the OSnaps so far, so, is there a way for me to clear the persistent Snaps with a Keyboard Shortcut?

Sorry this has been such a long and wordy question.

Thanks in advance, Chris

I created a custom tool palette “MaxzSnap” with buttons for _CenterSnap, _NearSnap, _OnCurve, etc. (see the Helpfile for more variations)
Then I used this Alias for a keystroke:
_ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=MaxzSnap _UnderCursor=YES _Enter

I hit the relevant key, the palette pops up, and clicking anyone of those buttons will activate that object snap and at the same time temporarily disable the persistent object snaps.
(You have to start a command first before you can select one)

Instead of a custom palette you can also use the standard palette “Object Snap”


The missing space in the script that I mention (but is not being shown as I typed it above) must have been my fault. I checked the script in the default read only original, and it’s correct.


Chris, I believe you are confusing Snaps with Osnaps. Snap relates only to snapping to a grid. Osnaps are Object Snaps, i.e. the ones that you see in the Osnaps panel like End, Near, Point, etc. These allow you to snap to defined point on an object.


Max, thanks for the reply. I’ve managed to get iPad buttons to set One Time Snaps, but it becomes a bit of a chore if using the same Snap several times (I think I’ve read one of your posts about this a while back).

I’m definitely confused by the difference between the two. What I’m referring to as Snaps is the Snap panel at the bottom of the left Side Bar. If I open the OSnap panel by typing “OSnap”, it then appears at the top of the Left Side Bar, but it just seems to drive the Snap panel at the bottom of the Left Side Bar, (but not the other way around?!).

But all is well, I’ve found a fix. The original script to clear Persistent Snaps had an apostrophe at the beginning, which I think allows several commands to run together (but only works with certain commands, though I thought that included Snaps, but it’s been a while since I read about it, and in truth I don’t really understand fully what can be done with scripts), if you remove the apostrophe, it works. It Opens the OSnap panel, then clears the selected OSnaps (thus clearing the Snaps on the lower panel) then closes the OSnap panel.

Thanks again for the help.


No problem, Chris. The “Object Snap” palette I was referring to can be opened through the Menu: Window > Active Tool Palettes > Object Snap. The palette contains all the command buttons like End, Near, Point, Midpoint etc. My custom palette MaxzSnap contains a selection of those, I like to keep most Osnaps as persistent except the ones that are a bit of a hindrance in a busy model, like for instance Center. I could activate those with the “One Shot” option in the Osnaps panel, but I prefer to pop up my custom palette with a keystroke, and then click Center. Basically it acts in the same way as One Shot, also there the persistent Osnaps return after you have fired your shot (even though it does not show in the radio-buttons at the top of the panel, “One Shot” remains activated)